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The alphabeats app showing the insights trend lines and the brainbit box and headband are in the background.
A man wearing an alphabeats Brainbit headband, with a device showing the Focus Flow insights from a neurofeedback session.
A woman wearing an alphabeats brainbit headband, listening to music while holding her phone.

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Unlock your flow state and achieve peak performance using our research backed neurotech innovation, engaging training programs using your favorite music and a powerful wearable.

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Get 12 months of unlimited access to the Alphabeats app, when you pre-order.

The headband

The BrainBit Smart EEG headband uses lab-quality sensors to deliver reliable feedback.

Master your mind.
Master your performance.

Increased focus

Train a focused mind. Integrate into your fitness routine for an unbeatable edge.

Enhanced recovery

Recovery, redefined. Mental strategies for athletic rejuvenation.

Improved sleep

Sleep reimagined. Science backed tools to support better sleep.

The Routine for Results

Step 1

Pick your Music

Use our patented technology to train your mind with your favorite music and games.
Step 2

Discover Your Neurofeedback

Access realtime brainwave feedback, with your BrainBit headband to begin training.
Step 3

Train & Repeat

Leverage our personalized and actionable insights to help you understand your progress. Incorporate alphabeats into your daily fitness routine to unlock optimal results.

Winners speak

Pioneers who power their success with alphabeats

Mental training really decides winning or losing. You can be the fittest athlete on earth, but if you don't bring your performance in the right moment, you’ll lose
Katja Franzen
Professional Speed Skater
Katja Franzen
My ability to switch between a relaxed and focused state before, during, and after competitions has improved significantly, and that’s a game changer.
Aymen Achnine
Professional Taekwondo fighter
Aymen Achnine
Alphabeats has enhanced my focus during competitions. Simply put, when I’m in the show ring, I can concentrate more easily. It’s just me and my horse – I feel in control.
Joni Vollenberg
Professional Showjumper
Joni Vollenberg
We know our heartbeat, the watts we are putting in the bike. We have sports watches that show us all our metrics… But until I discovered Alphabeats, nothing could show me how I’m performing mentally.
Tom Hopman
Tom Hopman

Alphabeats is proud to partner with BrainBit, a California-based neurotech company, to deliver on our mission to enable everyone to train their mind without limits, becoming the directors of their attention, flow, and focus


The Alphabeats app works with iOS and Android


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Mental fitness isn’t innate, it’s trained.
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  • 12 months access to alphabeats
  • State of the art headband
  • Control of your mental game
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