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The new routine for wellbeing and excellence

powered by the music you love

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Alphabeats at the CES 2022 Las vegas

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Technology for Mental Fitness

Through our algorithmic layer that responds to both the music you are listening to, and your biofeedback, Alphabeats allows your brain to reset to alpha-state, a.k.a state of wakeful rest.

New daily 10 minute routine

All you need is the Alphabeats app, a phone, headphones, 10 dedicated minutes and your favorite music. Our app helps you to track progress, keep the routine going, and find your inner alpha each day, every day.

Insights for improvement

Our app helps you to track progress, keep the routine going, and find your inner alpha each day, every day.

Music Profile

Personalised music profile that fits your music relaxation needs.


How you improve your mental wellbeing within 4 weeks.


Suggested music that optimises your mental fitness.


How does your body respond to your favourite music.

Human nature

The effect that music has on the human brain is already amazing.

Our brains are hardwired to want to hear our favorite music at its highest intensity.

Human Innovation

Based on that principle, we create a biofeedback loop that activates an algorithm resulting in small changes in the music you’re listening to.

It constantly measures how the body and mind react and uses that input to fast-charge you to the restful alpha state.

Frequently Asked Questions


AlphaBeats is an app that uses an ingenious algorithm to help the user relax with music.


Burn-outs and stress related diseases have become the problem of the 21st century. We’ve forgotten how to unwind. Where others see modern technology as part of the problem, we see it as the solution. We are here to help people relax, prevent their mental well-being taking a beating and live a more satisfying live.


By letting the user listen to his own music for 10 minutes a day. The algorithm adjusts the frequency of the user’s favorite tracks and takes their brain effortlessly, measurably and scientifically proven to the relaxing Alpha-mode.


AlphaBeats uses biofeedback – breathing, heartbeat and even brainwaves – to measure how stressed the user is. We use that information real-time to pause the mind directly and with lasting effects.