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Play your music, pause the mind.

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AlphaBeats measures your stress level and augments your favorite music to get your brain into relax-mode within 10 minutes.

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What's all the fuss about?

We have developed a fear of missing out. We have replaced a 9-to-5 mentality with a 24/7 one. Yes, it seems we are eager to learn. But we forgot to learn what matters most – to pause the mind every now and then.

So say hi to AlphaBeats: a revolutionary new technology that helps you destress, relax, unwind or whatever you want to call it. In other words, our technology helps you deal with stress… or prevents you’ll ever need to.


More relaxing

Listening to music is already relaxing. With AlphaBeats, you’ll nearly triple the normal relaxing effect of music.

Your favorite music

Listen to your own favorite music to relax. No more ocean waves or exotic jungle sounds to unwind to.

We love science

Using AlphaBeats for 10 minutes a day for four consecutive weeks offers a structural solution for stress.

It's all about the brain

There is one place where it all happens. A place that’s all we are. A place that defines us and lets you define everything and everyone around you. It’s the brain. A pinnacle of evolution. The birthplace of revolutionary thoughts, ideas and world-defining endeavors. No wonder a lot is going on in those three pounds of grey matter. 

It’s always on.

We believe we can help millions of people around the world reduce their stress levels while listening to their own favorite music.

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Explore the app

By listening to your own music for 10 minutes a day, our algorithm learns to tweak your favorite tracks and takes your brain effortlessly to the relaxing alpha-mode. Sounds too good to be true? It's scientifically proven.

to find out yourself

Your own device

Connect your own wearable to measure your stress or, if you don’t have any, we’ll turn your mobile phone into a biosensor.


AlphaBeats boasts an implicit way of learning. This really means sit, listen and relax as your brain is trained unconsciously.


We integrate with popular music providers such as Spotify and Deezer to ensure you can relax with your favorite playlists.


Get useful insights into every individual session and your developments over time.

Join the public beta

Be one of the first to try out our iOS and Android applications and help us fight stress while you unwind listening to your favorite music

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Frequently Asked Questions


AlphaBeats is an app that uses an ingenious algorithm to help the user relax with music.


Burn-outs and stress related diseases have become the problem of the 21st century. We’ve forgotten how to unwind. Where others see modern technology as part of the problem, we see it as the solution. We are here to help people relax, prevent their mental well-being taking a beating and live a more satisfying live.


By letting the user listen to his own music for 10 minutes a day. The algorithm adjusts the frequency of the user’s favorite tracks and takes their brain effortlessly, measurably and scientifically proven to the relaxing Alpha-mode.


AlphaBeats uses biofeedback – breathing, heartbeat and even brainwaves – to measure how stressed the user is. We use that information real-time to pause the mind directly and with lasting effects.

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