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AlphaBeats, founded in 2019, is an Eindhoven-based deep-tech venture that uses Philips neurofeedback technology and implicit learning to lower stress by a factor of three by listening to whatever music you like as little as 10 minutes per day. AlphaBeats directly improves quality of life, making users feel more fit and healthy and giving them a higher level of resilience.

AlphaBeats is located in the middle of the smartest square kilometer of the world: The High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Within this ecosystem, AlphaBeats works together with several partners in the fields of customer health and well-being.

Since early 2020, AlphaBeats also has a strategic partnership with a leading healthcare partner in Berlin, the worldwide hub for healthcare and medical innovations.


We want to make the mind a less complicated world. We are here to help people improve their well-being so they feel better, achieve more and enjoy life. Our goal is to offer our solution to as many people as possible experiencing chronic stress in the “stress circle of life.”

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Meet our founders

Han Dirkx
CEO / co-founder

MSc Strategic Management (Economy), creative innovator and artist, more than 20 years of experience in turning ideas into business, the last 12 years as a serial entrepreneur in different startups.

Jur Vellema
Chief Medical Officer / co-founder

MD, orthopaedic surgeon, MBA, entrepreneur. Twenty years of experience as a medical doctor in hospitals and clinics, researcher in (scientific) studies and experience in founding and managing startups that have impact on QoL.

..and the rest of the team

Team AlphaBeats