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Our story

There is one place where it all happens. A place that’s all we are. A place that defines us and lets you define everything and everyone around you. It’s the brain.

A pinnacle of evolution. The birthplace of revolutionary thoughts, ideas and world defining endeavors. No wonder a lot is going on in those three pounds of grey matter. It’s always on.

And we use that state for mainly one thing: we keep stuffing it with more stuff. We have become an insatiable sponge of information, news, opinions, decisions, knowledge and social media feed. We fight deadlines. We have developed a fear of missing out. We have replaced a 9-to-5 mentality with a 24/7 one.

Yes, it seems we are eager to learn. But we forgot to learn what matters most: to pause your mind every now and then.

Enter AlphaBeats. a revolutionary new app that helps you destress, relax, unwind or whatever you want to call it. In other words, our technology helps you deal with stress… or prevents you’ll ever need to.

And the best part is you can achieve that effortlessly, by listening to your own favorite music for just 10 minutes a day.

The AlphaBeats app turns your phone or wearable in a biosensor that registers your heartbeat, breathing or even brainwaves… and our algorithm uses that biofeedback to tweak whatever music you like listening to. 

This will stimulate your brain to get in the relaxing alpha-mode. And although you probably can’t hear the difference… you will definitely feel it. It will calm the mind. Subconsciously. Structurally. Seriously.

As a matter of a fact, AlphaBeats even motivates you do to take that walk through the woods, do some living room meditation or other mind resting activities.

So put on your headphones. Sit back. And let our algorithm take care of the rest. 


Play your music, pause the mind.


Dont miss out on any updates