EINDHOVEN – The newly founded company AlphaBeats will launch a product to help people with stress and burnout symptoms.

It is a mobile phone application that is able to change music based on bio-feedback like heart rate, breathing and brain waves to become more soothing. The Eindhoven based company uses an existing technology that was invented and patented by Philips.

Measure brain waves with headband
According to AlphaBeats founder Bert-Jan Woertman, brain waves are measured with a headband. Breathing and heart rate can be measured by a mobile phone or a smartwatch. “After measuring it is only a matter of putting on your favorite music, which will completely relax your brain. The changes in tone frequency, which are barely audible, are registered by the brain. In hospitals, the system is already used for patients with ADD and autism. The difference is that we put it in an app and made it accessible to people who suffer from stress and burnout.”

“Medicine” for the tense mind
Woertman says that music turns into a “medicine” for the tense mind. “After four years of research, scientific validation and more than 500 live demonstrations, our solution is ready for use in the rapidly growing mindfulness market. It is simple and fast. Best of all, it uses your own favorite music. Based on heart rate, breathing and brain waves, we know how “stressed” someone is. Our algorithm adjusts the music, based on those measurements, in such a way that your brain responds with relaxation. In short, it means that we reward the brain for relaxation. We use the principle of implicit learning, learning by doing, without conscious instructions on how to do it. So sit back, put music on and our algorithm and your brain do the rest of the work. ”

AlphaBeats wants to start a commercial test of the system in February to later bring it to the market, possibly with partners such as Spotify and Apple.

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