EINDHOVEN, 15 June 2021 by AlphaBeats

Hey there! 
Chronic stress is the number one health issue in the world, according to countless global studies. It’s linked to the six leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer and accidents. The AlphaBeats team is dedicated to fighting stress and to making your life better. 
“We have a unique proposition,” says Han Dirkx, AlphaBeats CEO. “To reduce stress, people only have to open our app and listen to their own favorite music for 10 minutes every day.” 
Our underlying technology was developed over eight years at electronics giant Philips, but the technology is also backed up by years of research conducted at Tilburg University. 
AlphaBeats has the exclusive global license for the technology. We’re customizing the original Philips algorithm for more personalized results, incorporating e-learning into the technology to further individualize the experience. “We have our own patent family now,” Han said.
AlphaBeats trains your brain using biofeedback. How do we do that?
You use your smartphone to measure your stress levels, resting it on your midsection to measure breathing or placing your finger on your camera to measure heart rate variability.
As you listen to your favorite music, our algorithm detects your stress level. That biofeedback is fed into the algorithm and tweaks the fidelity of the music you’re listening to. This is when the magic happens.
This “tweaking” decreases beta brain waves, which are higher when you’re stressed, and increases alpha waves. You can hear a slight change in music, but this is an important trigger for the brain. AlphaBeats puts you in “alphamode,” helping you relax by listening to music – any kind of music – for just 10 minutes per day. 
For the past year and a half, we’ve been refining the product, working on the app design, and building our list of 1200+ beta testers.
We took a HUGE step forward and launched the beta test in May. But there’s so much more to do, Han said.
AlphaBeats’ largest subscriber group is tech-oriented and interested in reducing stress, of course. 
“But it’s almost 70 percent male … not what we expected,” Han says. Research shows women are more affected by stress. Co-founder Jur Vellema notes that women are more likely to participate in beta tests, “but it could be we just have more males in our social network.”
AlphaBeats needs beta testers’ insights into the efficacy of technology and the user experience.
The second phase of beta testing will focus on new use cases, and we believe we have a great solution for pregnant women, athletes and first-responders and other people in high-stress careers.
Help us help you! We need people (and more women!) to test the efficacy of our revolutionary stress-reduction technology and the user experience. It’s easy, fun and free.
Here’s how the beta test works:
First, you’ll need a smartphone and a premium Spotify account (or willing to start one). We started the beta test for iOS only, but we plan to include Android within two months.
Next, fill out the general information on the beta test page. We’ll let you know when to expect your test ticket.
In the questionnaire, we ask if you are willing to conduct an interview or fill out a weekly questionnaire. You’re not obliged to do either, but it helps us gather more detailed information.
We ask beta testers to use AlphaBeats for 10 minutes per day for four weeks. There is no obligation to listen for 10 minutes a day, but we gain insight into how often and why you use the AlphaBeats app. 
So, do you want to go on this adventure with us?