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The music routine for health and happiness

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Increase the relaxing effect of your favorite music

Experience a deeper level of relaxation as our AI-powered audio layer teaches your brain and body to let go with zero effort.

Personalized to you

Breathing guidance for beginners

Your 10-minute
music routine

Use our tools to build up routine and find
peace of mind everyday.

Beat your own daily listening streak

Personal reminders via push notifications

Insights for improvement

Get insight into how your body is responding to the music with Alphabeats and learn how to deepen your practice.

Breathing and heart rate* insights

Learn which music works best for you

Personal development over time

* when using Apple Watch


Ed Sheeran as zen master

Have been using the app for several weeks and I love it. It is so easy and gives my personal music kind of super relaxation power. I like using it during work as 10 min break and before I go to sleep. Looking forward to the next releases with new features

Karlijn010 - App Store - 2 Feb 2022

How we make music more relaxing

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Frequently Asked Questions


AlphaBeats is an app that uses an ingenious algorithm to help the user relax with music.


Burn-outs and stress related diseases have become the problem of the 21st century. We’ve forgotten how to unwind. Where others see modern technology as part of the problem, we see it as the solution. We are here to help people relax, prevent their mental well-being taking a beating and live a more satisfying live.


By letting the user listen to his own music for 10 minutes a day. The algorithm adjusts the frequency of the user’s favorite tracks and takes their brain effortlessly, measurably and scientifically proven to the relaxing Alpha-mode.


AlphaBeats uses biofeedback – breathing, heartbeat and even brainwaves – to measure how stressed the user is. We use that information real-time to pause the mind directly and with lasting effects.

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