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Alphabeats at CES 2024

Discover the future of mental performance with our patented neurofeedback system.
Join Alphabeats at CES 2024 as part of the Dutch mission to Las Vegas

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CES 2024

It’s with pride and excitement that Alphabeats participates in CES 2024, the largest and most influential technology event In the world.

We’re here to meet and mingle with visionaries who are as obsessed with shaping the future of mental performance as we are.

A Brief Intro

Alphabeats is a patented mental training system that blends the power of neurofeedback with intuitive learning through music. Our technology enables professional athletes to prepare their mind for peak performance by controlling their alpha brain waves.

The benefits

Why Alpha?

Alpha brain waves are associated with meditative states, moments of flow, and deep focus. Alphabeats trains your brain to control alpha waves states.  

Recovery + Stress Management

Alpha wave states have been shown to combat stress, improve sleep, and support mental well-being.

Deep Focus

Alpha wave training can heighten attention in the moments that matter most.

Mind-Body Coordination

Alpha wave states enable faster communication between mind and body, producing higher performance.

Our Goals

New Partners

Our main objective at CES 2024 is to forge new partnerships and collaborations. We’re particularly interested in connecting with sales channels in the sports and mental health space, sports organizations like clubs and universities, and hardware companies with specialties in EEG technology.

Click here to make an appointment with us at CES and explore how we can work together to shape the future of mental training.


We’re currently funded by great EU investors, and are open to connecting with relevant US investors in sports and digital health.

Click here to meet with us at CES and learn more.

CES 2024 Press Kit

We’re excited to showcase our mental training system to a global audience at CES 2024! For detailed insight into our product and technology, please explore our comprehensive press kit. It includes our latest press release, high-resolution imagery, logos, and more.

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Connect with us at CES 2024

Meet our team and discover more about Alphabeats.


Booth #62100, CES 2024, Las Vegas

Meeting Opportunities

Interested in a one-on-one meeting with our team?
Contact us here.

Alphabeats team at CES 2023

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The Vision

At Alphabeats, we believe in the limitless potential of the human mind.

Our vision is a world in which everyone can improve their performance and wellbeing by training their mind—where mental training is as routine as physical exercise, for professional athletes and beyond. We see a future where stress, anxiety, and mental blocks are no longer barriers to success, but challenges that can be overcome with the right tools.

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