According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), listeners spend 18.4 hours per week playing their favorite music.

It’s no big surprise that people working from home and students learning online during lockdown turned to comforting activities.

Including listening to their favorite tunes.

Of the 43,000 surveyed, 87% said music provided enjoyment and happiness during the pandemic, while 68% of 16- to 19-year-olds said new releases from their favorite artists helped them during that time.

The report, Engaging with Music 2021, tells the story of how fans around the globe are listening to music they love in ways never before imagined.

“Listening to music makes us feel good,” according to this Dare to Live Fully article. The article lists 12 easy ways to bring music into your life.

How does music help us feel good? 

Let us count the ways …

🎵 Music reduces stress and lowers anxiety, and at the same time …

🎵 Music increases motivation.

🎵 Music makes us mindful, one of the keys to happiness.

🎵 Listening to music can help reduce pain.

But how do you make more time to listen to music in order to reap all these benefits?

A few suggestions:

✔️ Play music during your morning routine.

✔️ Play music during your commute.

✔️ The obvious one: play music while you exercise.

✔️ Take music breaks at work.

And our favorite …

✔️ ✔️Use music strategically to control your moods and emotions.

For people who care about their mental fitness, AlphaBeats is the new routine for well-being and excellence, powered by the music you love … the music you’re already listening to, on average, 2.62 hours per day.

While listening to your favorite music, our technology helps you relax, sleep better, meditate or just calm your mind. Whether you love Ed Sheeran, Metallica or Mozart’s Fantasia in D Minor, we’re here for everyone.

How does it work?

While you’re listening to your favorite tunes, we apply a gentle audio layer that constantly responds to both the music you are listening to and the biofeedback signals we’re measuring (such as breathing and heart-rate patterns). This process trains your body and brain to relax and slide into the alpha-state, also known as the state of wakeful rest.

All you need is a pair of headphones/earbuds, ten minutes of me-time and a Spotify premium account. 

If you own an Apple Watch or EliteHRV CorSense device, that’s great. You can pair this to conduct the measurements. If not, no worries! AlphaBeats was specifically designed to work with just your phone.

More good news!

AlphaBeats is free to download for a limited time.

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AlphaBeats helps track your progress, keeps the routine going, and helps you find your inner alpha each day, every day.

Anytime, anywhere, with any kind of music. 

Your homework

👉 Find new times and ways to incorporate music into your daily routine.

👉 Take just 10 minutes each day for yourself and use the AlphaBeats app to train your brain to relax.