Even before the pandemic of 2020, the World Health Organization called stress the “epidemic of the 21st century.” It’s because stress is directly related to debilitating diseases, such as heart disease, asthma, obesity, depression and anxiety.

We all experience stress. A little stress does no harm, but we let it go too far and don’t allow ourselves to relax.

What’s our solution?

It’s easy.

Sit down. Relax. Open the AlphaBeats app, slip on your headphones, connect your wearable and choose your favorite playlist. AlphaBeats constantly measures how your body and your mind react to the music and subtly adapts the intensity of the music to fast-charge you to the “alpha state,” decreasing beta brain waves and increasing alpha brain waves. Those are the basics.

Our market is vast, global. Think of high-stress occupations such as police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Think of professional athletes and high-level business executives.

Now think of yourself and your responsibilities as parent, spouse, caregiver, employee.

We found ourselves nodding in agreement, even shouting “right on!” when we read this well-researched article on the McKinsey & Company website: Using digital tech to support employees’ mental health and resilience.

The research shows that “poor mental health takes a heavy toll on individuals and businesses” and “new digital solutions can help employers … make well-being a strategic focus for their organization.”

They have the numbers to back up their claims:

  • Since the start of the pandemic last year, 42% of employees globally have reported a decline in mental health.
  • WHO estimates that depression, anxiety disorders and other conditions cost the global economy $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.
  • 75 of 100 employees require support that fosters mental wellness

“The good news is that addressing mental health and well-being in the workplace can make a difference. Studies have found, for instance, that wellness programs can improve employees’ performance, mental health, and self-efficacy, and deliver other self-reported health benefits.”

We think so too.

Our more than 1000 beta testers have started a new routine for well-being and performance. And it’s already working, helping them relax by using AlphaBeats and simply listening to their own favorite playlists 10 minutes a day.

Top reasons to integrate AlphaBeats in a company employee well-being strategy:

  • Boosts well-being and performance
  • Users feel more productive, creative and happy if they are more relaxed
  • Empowers individuals to improve mental well-being before “an issue becomes acute”
  • Easy, 10-minute daily routine
  • No additional hardware! Use what you already have – smartphone, headphones, wearables, music
  • Keeps track of how users are doing each day and helps them maintain the routine
  • It’s fun

Our mission is to help people find the peace they so desperately need every single day. It’s not just good for them individually but it’s also good for their friends, families and employers.

AlphaBeats is gearing up for CES in Las Vegas January 5-8. We’d love to meet you there and tell you more about AlphaBeats. Get in touch: han@listenalphabeats.com

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