As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and CES 2022 was no exception. It was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that provided AlphaBeats with several opportunities and insights.

The journey of AlphaBeats to the world’s most innovative technology event, CES, began when the Dutch pavilion selected us as one of the 40 most promising Dutch startups in the Netherlands. It was at that moment we felt responsible for the relaxation of the entire Dutch Pavilion.

We traveled to the USA at a time when Omicron was at its peak (still had to wait in long queues at the airport) and so were the stress levels. While leaving we made sure that we packed the relaxation tool with us; the AlphaBeats app. The team was excited and motivated to bring more joy, peace and relaxation to the USA. 

AlphaBeats RV

We never imagined that when we arrived in the United States, The Washington Post would be waiting for us. The coolest thing was that we conducted our interview on the road in our RV. Everything was progressing at a rapid pace, and thanks to our app, we were always calm despite having a hectic schedule.

Having a physical presence in the United States was a huge success for us, as the United States is one of our most significant markets. Their stress levels are over 20% higher than the worldwide average. The music industry is massive, as is the mental health app market, and there are several focused VCs in those areas. We also met with interesting people such as possible partners, tech scouts, and investors.

Apart from all of the great connections and the attention we received, the most valuable upside was the vibe it gave to AlphaBeats. We traveled in our RV, which provided us with the unique experience of living the dream: meeting wonderful people, seeing great places, traveling with a great team, and having the best mobile office there is. And, we already planned our next trip to the US.