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Open Vacancy — CCO


Alphabeats is a Dutch tech startup that’s unlocking next-level mental performance through stimulating alpha brain waves—the brain waves characteristic of a flow state. Alphabeats is initially focused on serving elite athletes. The Alphabeats training system is based on proprietary technology that uses music in combination with neurofeedback to guide athletes to a state of mental flow.


The mission of the company is to develop mental training that’s enjoyable and easily accessible. Alphabeats is making high performance, improved mental wellbeing and deep focus trainable and accessible to professional athletes and ultimately to a large target group. 


The company recently closed its second round of funding in order to further enhance the product, strengthen the team and develop and implement pilot projects with professional sports organizations in Europe and the USA. Alphabeats is now looking for a CCO that’s customer-focused and tech savvy—someone who has a strong network in the field of performance enhancement in primarily sports and secondarily in business and overall mental well being, preferably in the United States. 


Main responsibilities CCO

The CCO will work closely with the CEO and CTO and be responsible for developing commercial and business development strategies that are optimized for both short-term results and long-term strategy. The responsibilities include: 

  • defining the go2market strategy and using different approaches to penetrate prospective accounts
  • generating and qualifying new (international) leads
  • defining sales objectives and targets
  • ensuring strong customer engagement
  • building strong and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders
  • monitoring market trends and providing regular competitor analysis
  • building the brand including PR and corporate affairs

Customer relationships need to be developed early on as they can potentially lead to a variety of funding opportunities beyond traditional sales, like grant partnerships or R&D sponsorships. Stakeholder management and communication across all parties is crucial, as well as having the experience of how to get access to potential customers and launch cooperations.


Key requirements

Alphabeats is looking for someone with the ability to tell a compelling and convincing story to potential customers, analyze and unlock markets, and communicate clearly with all stakeholders. The ideal candidate has a strong interest in innovation and technology and has high energy levels to boost and grow Alphabeats into the next phase.

As key requirements you: 

  • have a strong affinity with technology and innovation
  • have a proven track record in a senior sales, business development or CCO role within a startup or scaleup
  • have successfully building and scaling new businesses and/or markets and/or brands, preferably linked to sports tech solutions
  • are a strategic thinker and at the same time a hands-on problem solver
  • are highly goal oriented and possesses excellent team & communication skills 
  • are a true teamplayer 
  • have access to a (international) network of sports organizations, specifically the departments that focus on performance enhancement
  • have strong presentation skills 

Alphabeats offers:

  • An exciting and independent role within an unique company that will shape the future of mental sports performance and overall mental well being. 
  • Talented and highly experienced colleagues who love to solve problems together.
  • The opportunity to be part of our management team.
  • A market conform salary including stock option grants.


If you want to contribute to scale and develop an ambitious Dutch tech company, and join a team of passionate, dedicated, relentless and kind people, please send a motivation letter explaining why you’re a great fit for the CCO-role.


For applications:

All applications are treated confidentially.

We kindly ask recruiters and employment agencies to refrain from forwarding unsolicited CVs in response to open positions on our careers page or social media posts.



In 2003, Dave Brailsford led the British cycling team to a championship for the first time in a century. He did this by optimizing little things, like improving the athletes’ uniforms and changing the pillows they slept on. All these little tweaks added up and the British cycling team went on to win 3 consecutive championships but that was 2003. 

Athletes and teams are all focussed on marginal gains.

Today, twenty years later, untapped athletic potential lies not in new uniforms and pillows. It lies in neuroscience. 


“When athletes master their mind, they master their performance.”


This is exactly what Alphabeats does. Our product is built on a decade of neuroscientific research, resulting in neurofeedback technology that was originally developed within Philips. It allows us to train and guide brain activity through music and neurofeedback, bringing athletes in the ‘flow’ state and improving their mental and physical performance. Alphabeats currently consists of 10 highly talented team members, which includes the 2 original founders.