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We push boundaries.

The human body is incredible—it’s ever-changing.

We can teach our muscles to do new things, lift heavier loads. What once seemed impossible becomes possible with consistency, effort, and training.

At Alphabeats, we’re taking training to a whole new level. We’re making it possible for athletes to train their brain as hard as they train their body.With 86 billion neurons, the human brain is even more dynamic than any muscle or ligament.

And the potential to unlock next-level mental performance is huge. We’re excited to be on the forefront of this exploration.

Our technology is about more than brainwaves. It’s about uncovering new possibilities, new skills, new depths of focus and flow. It’s about seeing what we’re capable of.

This year, we’re debuting our neurofeedback technology with the icons of our time: top athletes. When athletes master their mind, they master their performance. And they set a new standard of what’s possible for all of us.

We envision a world where everyone can train their mind without limits—a world in which we’re all the directors of our own attention, flow, and focus.

Peak mental performance is not something we’re born with. It’s something we train for. And this is just the beginning.